An Encounter With Hope

I Am My Father's Daughter

Alisohn never knew her father. Brought up in a single parent household, at 21 she discovered she has a different father from her older siblings. This is her story of how she battled with the shock, grief and shame; how she overcame her disappointments and failures. Although her search has spanned over twenty five years, crossing continents, she never gave up hope of finding her father. It is a true story that takes you on a journey of struggles, through hardships, betrayal and heartache, but ultimately triumphs in forgiveness and discovery as she uncovers the truth.

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Chapter 3. Leonard's Baby

A few days had passed since that moment when my brother had innocently disclosed that I was conceived by a different father. Six months earlier my sister had gone to the family doctors. This was back in the days before personal information was stored on computers and technology was present in every home and business. Our confidential records were held on paper files tucked into a brown envelope. Your personal notes were presented to you by the receptionist on arrival. My sister was accidently handed my mother’s records by mistake. Before notifying the receptionist of the error, my sister could not help herself from having a quick browse through my mother’s confidential information… As Abigail’s eyes scanned the pages she was astonished to read ‘Younger sibling of different father’. She was shocked at what she had read and confronted my mother as soon as she got home. Abigail told my mother that it was important this news should be told to me by her. She urged her to tell me at the first opportunity, but sadly my mother could not find the courage to tell me. My sister confided in my brother the facts she had learned about my father, the secret that had been hidden for twenty years was finally exposed. Nobody would have known the impact that this would have on my life, not even me.

I was at home alone rehearsing the words that I would say when I had the opportunity to confront my mother. It was not long until my mother came in from work. Here was my opportunity. I had to take it. I had to ask her if it was indeed true that I had a different father from Abigail and Anthony, or if this was just a bad joke. She was in the kitchen making herself a cup of tea, with her back to me. I gathered the courage to confront her and walked towards the kitchen stopping in the doorway. I blurted out my words as loudly and as quickly as I could before I could take back my words… Is it true I have a different father to Anthony and Abigail, I asked hastily. She continued slowly stirring her tea and quite calmly replied, “Yes” without turning around. She said, “Go and sit in the lounge and I will be there in a minute.” So I did as she asked and waited for her to come into the room… Those who knew me would know how hard this moment would have been for me. As she entered the room, my head was saturated with so many questions… I did not know what to expect but I needed answers. She came into the lounge and sat down; it seemed to take her forever to get from one side of the room.

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